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We drove the legendry RS2 and find out what owning a 6 year old example is like.

Back in 1993, when Audi and Porsche first got together to develop the RS2 Avant, estate cars were a very different form of transport. The thought of Volvos, Labradors and antique dealers were readily conjured up. However, those clever Porsche chaps set about to change all that.

Their collaboration with Audi spawned a whole family of super load lugers from other manufacturers, but none came close to the RS2's raw appeal.

Essentially, the RS2 was a limited edition model based on the S2 Avant body and mechanicals, at that time the fastest Audi in production with an impressive 230BHP from its 5 cylinder engine. The Porsche team's brief was to increase that power by at least 30% with handling, braking and styling to match. The body shell and other Audi components were sent to the Stuttgart factory where the Porsche team set about creating their monster.

Firstly, to increase the power of Audi's bullet proof turbo 5 pot required a massive increase in the air flow and so Porsche cast a new front bumper with huge air dams to drive that air to the turbo charger. The intercooler, pipes and the turbo charger itself were changed for larger specimens to cope with that extra air. Other major modifications included a revised exhaust camshaft and manifold and larger bore exhaust system with metal catalysts.

The injection and cooling system were also enlarged to cope with the extra muscle. In short, Porsche's brief was to make it bigger. It certainly worked. Power up by a whopping 37% to 315BHP with maximum torque of 3021b at 3000 rpm, an increase of 17%.

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